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Once upon a time, Prince Charming was navigating his way through a sea of drunks when his path crossed that of a fair maiden. Although there was no ball made of gold falling into a pond (a la The Frog Prince), there was a Gold Halter Top (in caps because it's legendary!) and large beer tub full of melted ice. Consequently, the Prince (actually a Naval Officer) and the Maiden (actually a college educated Director of Marketing & Advertising) fell madly in love and eventually married. They went on to live Happily Ever After.
That was 2004 and seemingly many lifetimes ago! Since then we've moved from the East Coast to the West Coast to the Heartland and back to the East Coast. We started off adopting our first "baby," a neurotic, yet lovable dog, Eddie the Fox. We (naively) felt ready to be parents to a human and in November 2006 I was transformed from a lovely Princess, to a Lady-in-Waiting/ Wet Nurse/ Driver/ Laundress to a new and fairer Princess, Miss Priss. She is the light of our lives and truly deserves the title!
But if one is fun, two is twice as nice, right? So in August 2009 our royal family was expanded to include a new Princess, Little Miss Sunshine. And, oh!, the adventures we have together!
EverAfterLand is a blog that goes beyond the fairytale and dives into our exploits of parenting and life as a military family.
I don't know where my Fairy Godmother ran off to, but if you see her, please let her know that she's desperately needed back in EverAfterLand!


sewing, photography, books, loom knitting, tv and movies, crafting silver jewelry, and shopping!, blogging (of course!), sewing felt christmas stockings, shopping for make-up, shopping for craft stuff, shopping for books, shopping for girls clothes, shopping, shopping, shopping!